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Naa Rji Interviews Me – A conversation between Naa Rji and Imanuel Habekotté

Naa Rji: took me a little while to go thru your discography (counting in the horrible atmospheric pressure over europe now, which makes me feel like a cucumber)

Imanuel: Many thanks for still doing that, despite even the pressure and the hot weather! :)

N: (pieces "Synth Sounds, Giraffenthor") idea of a synth orchestra is massive - I never thought about it but now it all seems just obvious

even though acoustic instruments are great, this is just a next step - instead of silly buying ultra-overpriced samples from companies like spitfire audio and being moron like Hans Zimmer/Olafur Arnalds, who needs a thousand piles of bullshit in order to be able to write some silly atmospheric supershort ostinatos and calling it compositions, just having simple digital synth that can create all the sounds in the universe...

I: Yeah totally agree! There is probably a whole world of combinations with electronic and acoustic instruments (which haven't all been tried out yet of course), too!

N: what kind of software do you use?

I: Ardour is my (awesome & free for Linux!) DAW of choice, except for some of the computer-only tracks. Sometimes I even use Python to generate scales and sequences (using a rhythmic hierarchy + an algorithm which generates JI notes, relative to previous/upcoming pitches!), sometimes I use my Python to generate (even quite human-like!) grooves. And for the little microtonal ideas like the one I used in Simple Song (which is based on microtonal alternations found in Baroque music's bariolage sections - mostly found in pieces for stringed instruments, but also lute and the infamous Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor!). I achieved those (sometimes microtonal) "computer performances" with LilyPond (for plain-text-input score engraving!) + Frescobaldi (which is a LilyPond frontend) + a microtonal Lilypond script from the website author, for adding microtonal sharps/flats! (BTW, I have made an even more xenharmonic version (I think it was tuned to Mavila) of Simple Song too! Would you like to hear it?)

N: I like your creative ideas - and by creative I mean "not being a copycat"

I: Thank you!

N: you're 19? holly shit, what did I do this old...

I: ^_^ Yes I am 19... wait I am actually 18 (but on Bandcamp I counted my last year as 2 years of new experience, because now after I've left school, I am at least 2x as productive as before I left school). Oh and to be honest I've also been listening to music from the womb, so that adds up to approx. 20 years... ;)

N: judging from your soundcloud activity, you spend a lot of time with music; how are your improvisations made? I ask, because what I present in public as an improv. is far from just having a one session behind the piano, one take, done

I: Well it's not always like this for me either haha! But sometimes... I'm just in for a looooong session! (In these cases often even one take sessions!) By the way, there are more recordings (than the one you've heard now) from this last looooong session! :D

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